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Shinsei Kakkon BC Granules - 12 sachets

Product Details

Shinsei Kakkon BC Granules
(Kakkon Granules + Vitamin C, B1 & B2 Phosphate)

[Functions and Indications]
Helps support wellbeing and relieve of symptoms at initial onset of cold and flu.

[Dosage and Administration]
Each Consumption
1 Day Consumption
Adult (Above 15 years of age)
1 Sachet
3 Times Daily.
Take during morning, afternoon and evening time. To be taken before each meal or in-between 2 meals. Using warm water to dissolve completely before consumption.
(Below 15 years of age)
Please do not consume.

There must be an interval of 2~3 hours before or after the meal, before consumption of this product. Please follow the dosage instruction strictly.

The product is in granules form, every 3 sachets (each sachet 1.73g) containing the following ingredients.
Japan Pharmcopoeia Ge Geng Tang extractive 4.4g, contains extract of raw herbs equivalent to:

Pueraria - 8g, Ephedra Herb - 4g, Jujube - 4g, Cinnamon Bark - 3g, Peony Root - 3g, Glycyrrhizae - 2g, Ginger - 1g, Vitamin B1- 25mg, Vitamin B2 - 12mg, Sodium L-Ascorbate - 500mg, Aspartame, Magnesium Stearate and D-Mannitol.

Made in Japan